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Ashley Casovan

Thursday 16 December 2021

09:10-09:35 PM


Avoiding the Technology Pitfalls: Governing Principles for the Metaverse.


Ashley Casovan has been at the forefront of building tools and policy interventions to support the responsible use and adoption of innovative technologies, both with her work at the Government of Canada, and as the Executive Director of AI Global, a multi-stakeholder non-profit dedicated to mitigating harm and unintended consequences of AI systems. As a recognized leader in the social tech community she has developed a strong reputation for developing workable governance for data, artificial intelligence, and open source tools. Her work and ability to bring experts together to solve important challenges has led to meaningful change in government and beyond. Her work helps to inform government, industry, and academic research. She is currently a member of the following initiatives:

  • Chair, Responsible AI Certification Working Group, World Economic Forum

  • OECD's Network of Experts, AI Policy Observatory

  • Canada's AI Strategy Council Public Awareness Working Group

  • The Canadian Data Governance Collaboration Steering Committee

  • Responsible AI Advisor to the United States Government Accountability Office

  • Responsible AI standards - ISO JTC1/SC42, IEEE, CIO Strategy Council

  • The Open Community for Ethics in Autonomous and Intelligent Systems (OCEANIS)

  • Advisor to InnSoTech project for Alberta "HelpSeekers" Initiative

  • Member of Advisory Board for NSERC research project at University of Toronto, "CREATE Responsible AI"

  • Industry Advisor for independent study, "Current Health Regulations and their impact on AI," University of Texas, Faculty of Law