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Jeremy Bailenson

Thursday 16 December 2021

08:10-08:35 PM


VR for the Better World: How Virtual Experience Transforms Empathy, Environmental Conservation, Education and Health.


Jeremy Bailenson is the author of the best-seller Experience on Demand, and is the world’s leading authority on Virtual Reality (VR). He heads up Stanford’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab (VHIL), a cutting edge research center on human behavior in immersive environments. At Stanford, Bailenson studies the psychology of Virtual and Augmented Reality, in particular how virtual experiences lead to changes in perceptions of self and others. His lab builds and studies systems that allow people to meet in virtual space, and explores the changes in the nature of social interaction. His most recent research focuses on how virtual work experiences affect our emotional state, empathy, and engagement. His work on video-call fatigue and cognitive burdens from these pervasive technologies has garnered international recognition. He is the recipient of the Dean’s Award for Distinguished Teaching at Stanford.